RCI’s vision

Accelerating transformational change is the predominant characteristic of the world in which we live today. Revolutions in the global supply chain, consumer behaviour, life sciences and information technology are deeply affecting the ways in which citizens, consumers and businesses operate and function. The family structures, work environments and societies of today are evolving in new ways that are more significant than ever before.
Sources of competitive advantage are transforming quickly and irrevocably as change occurs. For example, the product lifecycle accelerates and barriers to entry fall, meaning that companies must eliminate waste, lean their management and focus on continual improvement in order to survive and continue to develop. There is a growing need for customer-centred processes that address the needs of customers, consumers, intermediaries and other key stakeholders.
Furthermore, professions are becoming fast-changing and dynamic in a global labour market, in addition to requiring continual enhancement of knowledge and qualifications. Put simply, the world and all the societies in it are rapidly moving towards a global shareholder and knowledge economy. In such a world, the efficiency and quality of human resources represents a crucial competitive advantage for any business regardless of its size, and by extension, for any society.
The changing tides of globalization are creating new and never before seen challenges for businesses of all sizes operating in all industries. The need for competitive advantages is now higher than ever. Consultancy is another advantage businesses can greatly benefit from as it represents an investment in problem-solving. Companies like ours that specialize in helping businesses overcome new challenges exist solely for the purpose of providing professional guidance and support to firms that will go on to re-shape the world in the future.