RCI's Mission

The mission of our company is, simply put, to create a reliable and accurate support to Canadian companies interested in development and export in the global market. On the other hand, we also provide complete solutions to foreign investors who are interested in the Canadian market. We achieve this thanks to our longstanding commitment to developing strong partnerships, embracing technology and placing an emphasis on providing high levels of both company and customer satisfaction.
Guiding companies through the difficult and challenging process of strategic change is our mission. The challenges and opportunities that stem from such phenomena as competition, technology and globalization can easily confuse both young and experienced companies alike, and Royal Capital Int. supports tactical and strategic corporate responses to just such issues. We pride ourselves with our role of a trusted adviser that provides results-oriented and objective analyses, as well as solutions and implementation.
Among our core values are knowledge, creation of value, ethics and intellectual rigour. Our work is based on knowledge acquired through our own experience and that of other practitioners, consultants and managers. Investments in our in-house knowledge base are continuous, just like the investments in our consultants and their ability to perform. We also exist to create actual value, and our consultancy interventions lead to a tangible benefit for our clients.
We work in a transparent and ethical manner by creating a rewarding, motivating and balanced environment for our consultants. Lastly, we design and apply in-depth analytical and problem-solving techniques that are rooted in replicable, empirical findings that give way to consistent results. We pride ourselves in approaching each project as a unique case that not only requires, but also deserves an equally unique solution – one at which we arrive independently.