About Us

Why Choose Royal Capital International?

The expert team at Royal Capital International, a Canadian-owned consulting firm, fully understands all of the limitations in resources you are experiencing as a small or medium-sized business. Limited money, time and people can create seemingly unsolvable problems; ones we will work with you to overcome. We pride ourselves in providing flexible, reliable, cost-effective and professional business growth and development services that are within your reach regardless of when you will require them.
We start by clarifying your needs and then addressing them through custom projects designed to meet your every requirement. Also present throughout are tangible results and precisely defined parameters. We fully understand that it is nearly impossible to have all the necessary expertise in-house if you’re a smaller organization. This is even more obvious when faced with first-time issues or never-before-seen situations. Our wide network of trusted professionals all bring a multi-discipline skill set and practical approach to any problem, making our consulting firm ideal for solving the widest possible array of difficulties.
How do we operate? We start by getting an in-depth understanding of your existing business as a whole. This includes your overall business strategy, ambitions, culture as well as management approach. We always work collaboratively and closely with our clients, which allows us to further define and establish new objectives, timescales, milestones and general scope of the task at hand. We are also very flexible – we are able to work in-house with you and your team, remotely and independently, or a combination of both. The level of reporting is also something we like to establish early on.
We also break down our projects into stages, with each stage involving defined costs and deliverables. We do this because we are well aware that requirements can change over time. If you want to walk away at the end of any stage, you are free to do so. We will make sure to leave you with a full understanding of the current position even if we do not complete all the stages we mapped out originally. We pride ourselves on being viewed by our clients as an investment and not a cost, because we bring actual value to the table – the value of helping your business continue to develop.